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Audio/Visual/ Lighting Integration

In today's marketplace, audio, video, and lighting technologies are a driving force in effectively delivering the intended communication. pdh systems has spent the last 2 decades upgrading and installing AVL systems in Houses of Worship, Restaurants, Hotels, Education facilities, and Corporate environments.  

Whether it is a House of Worship and the message they are seeking to share, an education facility training the next generation, a restaurant or hotel that is desirous to create the perfect atmosphere, or the corporate space that is meeting with clients daily either in person or virtually to bolster their bottom line Audio, Video, and Lighting systems help produce. In some instances, it is vital to start with a clean slate and upgrade every item in the chain. However, some systems can utilize existing equipment to make the system fully functional and help meet budget demands. pdh design teams specialize in the ability to integrate systems using the latest in technologies while also implementing existing owner furnished items that may still be in active service.


At pdh systems we call our clients and associates, Friends. pdh comes alongside our friends to assist them in the design, implementation, and training on their AVL systems. pdh focuses on the client: Who are you? What is your personality? How do you want to be seen and heard in your world? pdh works closely with client design teams, project managers, architects, and contractors from concept to completion.

pdh provides complete turnkey solutions which would include design concepts and drawings, system specifications, tuning and programming, training, and as-built documentation so that long-term the AVL systems are at their optimum.

pdh design teams are top notch at ensuring the audio systems, video systems, and lighting systems communicate with each other and are operated seamlessly and cohesively by the user. 

pdh is your Premier audio, video, lighting integration partner.

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