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Crestron Programming

Control Systems in an audio/visual system are the brains behind all of the individual pieces of equipment. The improvement of touch screen technology has allowed for a control system to manage and operate every piece of equipment in the chain. The user can turn lights on and off, raise and lower window blinds, browse a website and put it on the display for others to see, play a video, show a presentation or launch a Zoom meeting, all from a single touch panel. Crestron is the most popular of these control systems and pdh is a certified Crestron distributor and programmer. Crestron systems provide reliable solutions for any space you have need to control.

Crestron systems are especially useful in Worship Spaces, Education, Hotels and Restaurants, and Corporate environments. It just so happens that these are the exact markets that pdh systems specializes in. 

In addition to Crestron programming, pdh programmers are also fluent in AMX, Biamp, Kramer, FSR and Clickshare. Basically, any system that needs progamming, pdh has the experience and expertise to meet the need.

pdh is your Premier Crestron partner.

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