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Equipment Maintenance

At pdh systems, we understand you have invested a lot of time and money into your audio, video, and lighting systems. pdh systems offers customized preventative maintenance programs to help ensure that your AVL systems are always up and running. Traditionally, service has been viewed as a break/fix situation: Only fix what’s broken. However, pdh takes a more proactive and comprehensive approach to the service equation that helps you to recognize and address issues before they arise. Choosing

maintenance over repairs insures a consistent, seamless delivery of service. pdh systems Maintenance Programs can also go beyond just ongoing maintenance and provide program support as well.

As a participant in the pdh systems Maintenance Program, you will receive these important benefits:

• Consistent audio, video, & lighting quality

• Optimal system utilization

• Consultative system support

• Timely response

• Quality service and workmanship

• Ongoing training as required

• Discounts on other pdh services.

In addition, you will have the following services at your disposal:

Technical Service and Repair

If the system or product fails, you simply call or email our service department at the headquarters in Marietta, GA at 770.499.7538 or and we will dispatch a trained pdh Field Service Technician to provide on-site diagnostics and repair.

Quick Response

pdh Maintenance Program clients are given the highest priority response times (within 4 hours by phone and 24 hours on site).

• Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

A pdh Field Service Technician will perform a complete technical review(s) of your system including:

         • Technical tests of AVL Equipment

         • Fine tune video image quality

         • Fine tune audio quality

         • Re-focus lighting

         • Clean all dust and debris

         • Overall system analysis

         • Make sure all system components meet factory specifications

Unlimited Telephone/Email Support

When you call us for service, a pdh Field Service Technician will respond to your call within four (4) hours; answering questions, providing workaround possibilities, and qualifying the condition.


Our support team will provide periodic technical and end user training as required.

Discounts on other pdh services

pdh Systems Maintenance Program customers receive a discounted hourly rate for non-scheduled calls with no minimum required. Other discounts will also apply. pdh  systems also offers special pricing on equipment available exclusively to its Maintenance Program customers.

tech assist.png

As social distancing and the need to keep environments clean, pdh introduced the pdhassist program. pdh can log into your computer or network remotely in order to diagnose and oftentimes repair issues. While we can never really be completely touchless, we can create spaces that are touch LESS environments using many different solutions.

pdh is your Premier maintenance partner

Our bench equipment includes:

  • Protek Model B-808 Frequency Counter

  • Wavetek Model 136 Audio Generator

  • AudioSource AMP One Audio Amplifier

  • JBL Control 25T Bench Monitors

  • Tascam LA-40 Low Impedance Adapter (Bump Box)

  • Harrison Labs 802B Twin Low Voltage Pwr Supply

  • Tektronix 465B Oscilloscope

  • Leader Model 408NPS Multi-format Video Generator

  • Fluke 8020B Digital Multimeter

  • Samson MDR6 Audio Mixer

  • Atten Instruments 850B SMD Rework Station

  • Weller WTCPT Solder Station

  • Stancor 5A AC Variac

  • Philips Pro935B Video Monitor


pdh is your Premier Equipment Repair partner

Equipment Repair

pdh systems has a full time staff of service personnel to repair professional audio/visual equipment and musical instruments.  We offer loaner equipment, dealer access, and a quick turn around with 24 hour phone/email availability.

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