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Restaurants & Hotels

pdh systems is the premier AV designer for restaurants & hotels in the metro Atlanta area. A restaurant/bar is more than just food and drink and a hotel is more than just a place to sleep…Its atmosphere! The atmosphere is the highest priority to our systems designers. We spend a great deal of time understanding who you are as restaurant or hotel and what image you want to portray. People come for the hospitality but they stay for the atmosphere. pdh can help create that atmosphere!

Our designs might include multi-zone audio systems for your dining room, bar, lobby and outdoor patio/pool area, custom digital signage and menu-boards, video walls, or multi-purpose signage for promotional purposes. pdh can create systems from one TV to one hundred, large screen projection, and everywhere in between. Another area often overlooked in the restaurant/hotel AV area is the CCTV system. pdh can design and install a system that can potentially save thousands of dollars in theft. Whatever your AV need is, pdh has the answer!

 And don’t forget about service. One of the things that sets pdh apart from other vendors is our commitment to “the show”. Our 24/7 approach to service helps you feel at ease that when the big game is on, your systems will be at their best. pdh has a quick turnaround policy and in most cases can respond to your need within a 4 hour window, oftentimes less which is vital to the success of your restaurant/hotel.

pdh is your premier restaurant and hotel AV partner.

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