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House of Worship

pdh has served the Worship Community as a team player for thousands of churches. pdh is more than just a design/build firm, our goal is to partner with the local church or ministry for the life of that ministry.


The high tech/high touch approach of pdh helps to ensure that each project is not just a project but a relationship. Our first approach is to understand the personality of the church, as this personality drives everything that you do. For that reason, it drives everything that we do in order to support your vision and your message.

Church Aisles

pdh systems designs and specifies according to the philosophy and vision of the leadership of the church. With our Long Term Relationship approach, we come alongside and partner as if our future depends on your success, which it does.

pdh is a design/build firm which also means we stay connected throughout your entire project and on into your everyday. Our team is very knowledgeable and helpful and understands you are the most important customer to them.

pdh also understands that every Sunday is SuperBowl Sunday in the church. “Sunday's a Coming!” pdh ensures that all of your systems are in the best working order as possible for Sunday. In most situations, we work Monday through Thursday and keep Friday available for emergencies to make sure that every ministry we partner with is at its best on Sunday.

pdh has a full time service and support team along with a warehouse full of loaner equipment so that no service will ever go without due to equipment repair needs.

For the church that does not have full time AV or media staff, pdh can act as that media staff. We support, recommend, troubleshoot, etc. all to ensure the audio, video, & lighting of the church is at the best it can be.

pdh is your premier house of worship AV partner.


The audio/visual needs in the Education spaces are unlike any other, especially in today's rapidly changing marketplace. With online learning, in-person learning, and a hybrid of both, pdh has the knowledge and skills to set up each institution for success in all areas. From the virtual classroom to smart technologies in person, pdh can assist the teachers and students to have a more engaging and inclusive experience.

All of the modern technologies that pdh offers are at the forefront of expectations in the schools today. You can trust pdh with your family's educational future. The next generation depends on us.

pdh is your premier education AV partner.

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